"Programming is solving problems with code."

- Steven Mercatante

I do that.

Welcome. Who am I?

The short version? I'm Brian K. Vagnini, programming in: Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and Python. I bring my background in Systems Administration (Windows, MAC XServe and Linux) and technical writing/training to solving problems with code.

My Creative landing page (where I do a bunch of other cool stuff) is at vagnini.net

For most day to day issues, the off-the-shelf software does the trick. However, there are times when it's not the right approach.
In this case, you either attempt to modify the commercial offerings, or build your own tools. I chose the latter.

Problems I have solved

Website Showcase

vagnini.net - My Creative Landing Page - random story excerpt on page load
agentsofmad.com - Band project web site - uses Responsive Design
backbeat.agency - My Design company web site - WordPress Design

Professional Profiles

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Monkeys Punching Keys

Me Money tool

LoseTheRut - Flask App that helps me with meal planning